• Ritters Nursery


    When new owners bought one of Spokane’s oldest nurseries, they knew they’d have to be bold to compete against a huge array of nearby big-box stores selling plants and garden items. We worked with them on a new name and brand identity, emphasizing both the gift retail side of their business and the upmarket character of their garden offerings.

    However, advertising was clearly a major need, and funds were limited. Fortunately, outdoor boards provided a means to draw customers up a major arterial street past the competition, yet it wouldn’t be easy to stand out in a street cluttered with many other boards and signs. So we made our boards bold and naughty, aiding the controversy with media relations work that sent the story viral, first across all Spokane-area news media, then regionally through news wires, in social media like Facebook and Instagram, and even nationally on NBC’s Today Show within two weeks. Not bad for a $5,000 ad budget!