• 150 Year Celebration


    As associate creative director at Spokane’s leading ad agency, David led the successful revival of this oldest of all Northwest brands. It began with a celebration of the brand’s 150th anniversary, revolving around a celebration of Henry himself—a very civically engaged pioneer largely omitted from Northwest history due to his ownership of bawdy saloons. To cement local interest in the brand’s hometown, we held a “birthday party” press event in Henry’s favorite old Portland bar, by the brewery, which garnered coverage from all major Portland broadcast and print media (including a whole issue of Portland Monthly). That extended to newspaper, magazine and online advertising showing a historical timeline set against tree rings, a large promotional website with a social media component, a trade show promotion featuring a champion chainsaw carver, and a logging truck whose log load included a giant Henry Weinhard’s bottle, which we drove around Northwest cities and towns for humorous double takes from bystanders (it won a “Top Truck” trophy at the Amboy, Washington Loggers Parade, no less). The result: a 24% year-over-year sales increase and huge online traffic growth, reversing decades of decline.